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When people first click on your business website, generally, the first page they will visit is the About Me page. Often, this page is lackluster and uninteresting to the reader. The About Me business page should capture new clients! Hiring a West Palm Beach website designer is the best way to improve your website. Keep reading to learn how to write the perfect About Me page!

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Before You Begin Writing

  1. Define Your Business

Before you can begin writing it is important to determine what your business stands for and offers. If you don’t have this information at the front of your mind you won’t be able to relay accurate information to your audience. You need to build your businesses brand and that includes establishing what your business offers, why you’re the best business to offer it and defining your promise to customers.

  1. Identify Your Target Audience

Successful marketing has the target audience in mind before relaying information. This makes sure that the information speaks directly to the people your business is attempting to attract. Your business should define your target audience based on demographics and the type of people who would want to buy your product.

  1. Determine the Benefits of the Services You Offer

It is common when looking at other business About Pages that they are too focused on what makes them great and not enough on what your customers are getting out of your business. Make it clear to your customers as to why you’re the better choice. Do you have quicker service, a larger selection, friendly service, etc.?


What to Include

  1. Tell Visitors How They Will Benefit

Don’t start your business About Me page listing your accomplishments. These are important things but can become boring and the beginning of the page needs to draw the reader in. Start off by letting visitors know what benefits they will receive by using your business.

  1. What Makes Your Business Stand Out

Share with your customers why your business stands out above the rest. Keep the focus on how your qualifications benefit your customers.

  1. Tell Your Business Story

This is the part where you relay the story of your business to your customers. We recommend that you keep it under five sentences to keep readers interested. You don’t want to overwhelm them with facts but you do want them to understand the passion of your business.

  1. Guide Them Through Your Website

The About Me page is a great place to help you visitors navigate your website and send them to other pages of your website. This is where you can direct them to your blog or the other pages of your website. This is commonly known as the call to action statement.

  1. Provide Ways to Keep in Touch

The end of your About Me page is the best way to capitalize on your captive audience. Having people sign up for an email list is a great way to remind them of new product releases or services. Sometimes people will not want to submit their email so you can encourage them to check out your social media platforms.

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Should I Hire a West Palm Beach Website Designer?

Yes! The About Me page is an important element of your website and should make people want to buy from your business. It is essential to remember to focus on what the customer receives from your business. If you are struggling with designing your website, it would be beneficial to hire a West Palm Beach Website Designer. Digital Resource works with a variety of clients to design and maintain their websites. Contact our website design team to get started today!


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