What is Facebook Edgerank? | How Does It Affect My Business?

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Every time someone visits their News Feed, there are an average of 1500 potential stories waiting to be seen. While no one is interested in reading all 1500 stories, how can they find the ones that are important to them? This is where Facebook Edgerank comes in. The goal of the News Feed is to show people the right content at the right time. Facebook Edgerank was created to do just that.

What Determines Who Sees My Posts?

There are 3 main components that factor into Facebook Edgerank: affinity, weight, and time decay. Affinity relates to the relationship between your page and the user. Like how many mutual friends you share and how much the user interacted with your page in the past. Whether they are liking, commenting, or sharing your posts, all factor into your affinity score. The weight of your posts is based off of the type of post it is. Photos, videos, and links have a much higher weight compared to a post with just plain text. Weight also considers if a friend shares a post and another friend likes someone’s posts, the shared post has more priority than the simple like. The last component, time decay, is exactly what it sounds like for the most part. The longer your posts’ is on Facebook, the less likely it is to show up on someone’s News Feed. So, basically newer posts receive higher priority. The time decay of your post will also be different for different users, based on how often they log in. Your post will stay relevant longer to a user who logs in once a week, compared to a user who logs in three times a day.

What has more weight in Facebook Edgerank?

Along with the 3 main components, there are a few other actions that Edgerank looks for in each post. The more users who engage on a post, the more likely you are to see it. Also, if you frequently are engaging with a specific type of post, you are more likely to see that type of post on your News Feed. And lastly, the more negative feedback a post receives, the less likely you are to see that post.

How Can I Increase My Reach with Facebook Edgerank?

Based off of the factors that go into Facebook Edgerank, there are a few things you can focus on to improve the reach of your posts. First, focus on engagement. Create post that encourage people to interact with you. The more comments, likes, and shares your post receives, the more likely it is to be shown on a user’s News Feed. Second, posts photos and videos. As mentioned above, they have a higher weight than posts that are strictly text. Next, be sure you are posting everyday. The reason is pretty self explanatory – the more recent your post is, the more likely it is to be shown. The last thing to focus on is to post appropriate content. The goal being to avoid any negative feedback, which hurts the visibility of your post.

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