What Should I Post On Facebook?

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Has your company decided to start using Facebook for business? With over 1.4 billion monthly users, this is a great tool for potential new customers and clients by generating more interest and reaching a larger audience! Facebook provides us with the ability to socialize and connect without having to leave our homes and your business can benefit greatly from this. But it can sometimes be difficult to know how to create engaging Facebook posts, so if your wondering “What should I post on Facebook?” keep reading!

What Should I Post on Facebook? | 5 Tips

Sharing a Link- When posting on Facebook, posts that use link previews receive twice as many clicks compared to links that are posted with the photo’s caption. The reason for this is that users inherently trust a post more when there is a preview of the article. When it is included in the caption, users feel that this has a ‘click-bait’ approach, and are less likely to want to view the article. A study done by Facebook found this to be true and announced that to make posts more relevant and less ‘spammy’, posts with links will use the link preview format! 

Short and Sweet– Posts that receive the most likes, comments and reads are ones that tend to be short and sweet! This means that you are able to accurately summarize your article, or ask an engaging question in about 40 characters or less. Recent studies show that many posts are scrolled through when exceeding 140 characters. Avoid this by using a photo to do some of the talking for you. Posts with images receive four times as much response as ones without! But the longer the post gets, the less effective the photo becomes and the post is less engaging all together.

Make sure to stay under the word count when posting your Facebook posts!

Publishing Time- Not only should you be concerned about “What should I post on Facebook?” but also the time you post. The time of day that you post can say a lot about your engagement. While there are users always on Facebook, the best time to post is generally towards the end of the week. Users have more free time during this period and are looking to connect with friends for the weekend. Specifically, on Thursdays and Fridays between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. posts receive the most engagement, while 1 p.m. is the best time to receive shares and 3 p.m. is the best time to gain the most clicks!

Post Regularly- This should go without saying, but your business should be making posts across all social media platforms regularly! The more regular your posts are, the more frequent users can see you are active on social media and will begin to expect to see a post from you. By actively posting on a daily basis, you boost the amount of posts that users are able to engage on and react too. Successful pages post at least once a day to continuously be in front of their audience on their newsfeed. This gives your business an online reputation that is reliable and dependable,  which is important to the success of your Facebook page!

What should I post on Facebook for my business?

Make it Sharable- Ever wonder what makes a post sharable? A shareable post is something that makes the user feel and want to pass on to share it with others. Users tend to want to share something that has evoked some sort of emotion from them. Users are also more likely to share information that is useful and helpful to others. Facebook posts that people like to share include informative posts such as an article, personal posts or an inside look at your business, or funny posts. Try posting some of these and watch your engagement skyrocket!

Hopefully you are no longer wondering “What should I post on Facebook?” but if you think you still need some help, contact our team of social media experts at 561-429-2585 or connect with our West Palm Beach Social Media Marketing Company online today! We are experts in all things social media and would love to help your business increase their internet presence! 

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