Where Did My Snapchat Top Friends go?

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Snapchat went through a lot of innovative and scary changes today. Snapchat version 9.0.1 has added tons of new features like Discovery and How you can add a new friend to Snapchat, but many users have started asking “Where did my Snapchat top friends go?” The missing top friends on Snapchat is sparking insecurities in relationships around the globe.

In the past users were able to see what snapchatters their friends were communicating with the most on the app. This allowed friends, but more creepily significant others, to see who they were talking with and sending pictures to. When a user saw an unrecognizable name in the top friends list of someone they conversed with often, some sense of frustration always followed. The missing top friends on Snapchat has also sprung up a few other questions among its user base. Those questions include, “Who is my best friend talking to on Snapchat?”, “Who is my ex talking to on Snapchat?” and “Who is bae talking to on Snapchat?” But with Snapchat’s latest update it looks like the Snap-stalking days are over and those questions will always remain unanswered.

It will be interesting to see where this new ability to cloak your communication takes Snapchat users in the future. Users have already reported receiving Snapchat messages from friends, exes and acquaintances that they haven’t talked to in years. So it seems like users are already taking advantage of their opportunity to send those disappearing messages to ones they want to secretly reconnect with.

So the answer to the question, “Where did my Snapchat top friends go?” is that they are gone for good and there is no sign of them returning. It looks like snapchatters will have to find another outlet to pursue their stalking. But hey, there is some good news, you can’t be stalked anymore either! So get to snapping!

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