Why Did Google Penalize Your Website? | 3 Pointers to Protect Your Website

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So, you’ve built a great, user-friendly website, you’ve done your SEO homework, and everything is great, right? Then, why are your page results suddenly decreasing? It could be, for reasons we will explore below, your website has been penalized by Google.  Don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world if your website has been penalized by Google.  It happens to the best websites, even sites like Mozilla, JC Penney, Washington Post, and BMW! With due diligence, and understanding a few simple guidelines, you can rescue your website from the penalty box, and never again will Google penalize your website!

Why Did Google Penalize Your Website?

  1. Did Google Penalize Your Website’s Format?

Is your site difficult to use, or not “user-friendly”? Google can register whether or not your site is user-friendly by checking your landing page, your home page, and your internal links. You want to make sure that your website is navigable and your webpages link together correctly.

Did Google Penalize Your Website

It is important that you optimize your site for mobile devices as well!  Do not underestimate the number of online users that use mobile devices more than office and home computers. To accommodate cellphones, IPads, tablets, and all other mobile devices means your website is responsive. Online viewers will expect to be able to navigate your site on these devices.  If they are unable to do so, then your website’s ranking on Google will be diminished or potentially penalized.

  1. Did Google Penalize Your Website’s Links?

Are your site’s links broken, or go to unintended pages? Do you refuse to use external links in your website’s pages?  Too many reciprocal links to your website could move Google to penalize your website.  So, use some external links on your website!  That being said, follow these tips when using links:

First, monitor your backlinks!  Over 95% of all Google penalties are related to your website’s backlink profile. Backlinks are links that point back to your website from other places on the web.  If these links are coming from irrelevant, poorly designed and poorly managed websites, then your site will be penalized, too. So, research any potential backlinks to your website and make sure they are relevant and credible. Don’t let Google penalize your website backlinks you don’t approve!

Secondly, always edit the external link to open in a new window or tab! After all, you worked hard to reel the online viewer into your website, you don’t want them to leave because they whimsically clicked on one of your external links that reloaded a new page.  If your links open in a new page, then you still have the viewer on your website, and you want to keep them there!

Don't Let Google Penalize Your Website

Finally, make sure your external links work! Yes, this requires maintenance, but it will help your website’s Google ranking. If your external links are broken, this flags Google as being a poorly managed, and not user friendly website. This can consequently result in a low-ranking website on its search engine. Don’t let Google penalize your website for poor links, make sure they are helpful, and that they work properly.

Did Google Penalize Your Website’s Content?

Be very careful about the content you choose to include in your website. Would Google penalize your website for plagiarized or duplicated blog content? Absolutely. It is tempting to hire freelancers who can write mediocre content for your website quickly.  In the long run, however, you get what you pay for, and that means a low-ranking website on Google, if not a penalized website. Google will penalize your website for stealing content, or plagiarizing, and duplicating content. You may even be penalized for reposting the same content on different pages of your website. ONLY include content that you are positive is safe, original, and keyword-rich.  Stay away from seedy freelancers whom cut and paste material from unaccredited sources.

What You Should Do, Should Google Penalize Your Website.

Calm down.  Should Google penalize your website, you can still recover your website’s amazing search results.  It will take time and patience, though.  Recovering your penalized website from Google’s low search results depends on the reasons your website was penalized.  No matter what, following these guidelines will ensure your website is not penalized in the future. Keep your format easy to use, maintain stable links, and keep your content original and keyword-rich!

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