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Every day you hear the words “Twitter,” and “tweet,” and “hashtag,” etc.  But why is it so popular? What does it all mean? And why is it important to have Twitter for my business, you may be asking? We will answer these questions below; but first, what is Twitter…?

What is Twitter? 

Twitter is a social media platform whereby people from around the world communicate in 140 characters or less.  The most common symbol you will find is the hashtag, “#”. This allows people to thread their posts to a common topic shared between many people.  For example, #puppies will allow users to find all posts tagged under this topic.  A submitted post is called a tweet. Voilà! Quick and painless, you now know the jargon of Twitter.

Why should I use Twitter for My Business?

Why Should I Use Twitter for My Business?

Now, where does advertising come in to play? Twitter is a fast-paced, on-the-minute social media platform. Think of Twitter as an avenue to lead potential customers to your website or business. Twitter allows businesses to post original material, comment on world events, and interact with a vast spectrum of people. This ever streaming rhythm of information enables businesses to develop greater relationships with potential customers, tweet new products and services, special deals, and so on.  The emphasis, like all social media, is on quality—not quantity! This means businesses should not use Twitter solely for promotional use. Instead, try to interact with other users and create fun, engaging posts that are relevant to your business.  It is important to maintain a social yet unimposing presence in order to successfully utilize Twitter for your business.

Twitter Generates Website Traffic

Twitter for your business is a great way to share links to your website, pictures, and images and reach thousands of people. The goal, of course, is to get traffic to your website through the use of Twitter. Twitter can help you build your brand image, get feedback from customers, and gain momentum from other relevant trending topics. Use this platform as leverage for marketing, building external links, and maintaining your business’s relevance in the events and trends of the world!

Some report that Twitter has failed to gain new users recently.  More and more younger users are popularizing Snapchat and other similar platforms. Nevertheless, Twitter remains ESSENTIAL to your business. Twitter will help your business generate leads, offer presence to millions of people around the world, and keep you informed of real-time trends and events.

The most important thing to note: Twitter is used mainly on mobile phones. What does this mean for your business? Every day, more and more people use their cellphones for the internet—much more than they use their computers to search the internet.  This is a crucial fact if you want to boost your business’s website traffic—and, of course, you do! Your website will miss out on a lot of traffic, if not formatted and maintained on platforms that enable users to find your business on their mobile phone.  

How Do I Maximize Twitter for My Business? 

Although Twitter may be around the clock, it does not mean you have to be, too. With a bit of research, diligence, and observation, Twitter can help grow your business immensely.  For easier, more effective results, your business needs a team of experts to do the ground work for you.  Researching peak times, gaining followers, organizing and managing posts, re-posting and interacting with potential customers is a lot of work!  The reward is great, though.  Maintaining a Twitter account secures your business’s presence, online access, greater website traffic, and more interaction with your potential customers. Contact our social media marketing experts online today or give us a call at 561-429-2585 if you need help with Twitter for your business!

How do I use Twitter for My Business

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