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Let’s start by defining SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This process entails every technique, social and/or technical, that serves to increase your website’s page results on any search engine’s ranking. These techniques include on-site SEO, Link-building, Using Social Media, and more. Are you wondering, “Why doesn’t my website rank on Google?” Keep reading for solutions on getting your website to the top of Google through SEO!

SEO – Meta Matters!

Build Your SEO to Help Google Find Your Website

Meta keywords are words that people will type into their search engine relevant to your business. The Meta Descriptions are the words under the head tag on a website page—these are very important, as they are read by the search engine spiders. These “spiders” are what locate the relevance and hierarchy of each website, so you want your Meta Descriptions (keywords describing your business website) to be concise and helpful to these spiders as well as online users.

Why doesn't my website rank on Google

Get a Guest-Star

Start Guest-Blogging to Help Your Website Rank on Google

 What better way to chalk up some SEO and get the word out about your business than guest-blogging. By writing blogs about your business and posting them on other websites and/or platforms, that is, contributing to your SEO by just being on the internet. For example, have a golf-club selling business? Why not see if you can guest-blog an article on a website for the PGA tournament. Obviously, the people visiting the PGA site, enjoy golf, maybe they need some new clubs and bam, there is information on your site. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well… it could be. Don’t just throw any article up there with the name of your business thrown in once or twice, make sure it is compelling copy— a business you’d want to learn more about if you were someone reading it. As always, remember, keywords count in blogs too, so make it good.

Get Social

Incorporate your Business’s Social Media Counts to Help Google Find Your Website

Social media will help your Website Rank On Google

 Social media is becoming the way of the future and rightly so, it’s so convenient yet informative (plus, just about everyone is on it). In today’s world, if your business doesn’t at least have a Facebook account, you’re not legitimate to a lot of your audience, a.k.a. potential clients. Add your website to all your social media accounts and make sure to reference your business often, keeping in mind the SEO and keywords you worked so hard on. Make your accounts, whatever they make be (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) look good. They are selling your business just as much as your website, store-front or even employees are. It’s all about those #hashtags, so make sure they a popular and relevant. Social signals are also a huge part of SEO, with each algorithm depending more and more on the relevance of your business on these social platforms. If you’re trying to get around the “I want my website to rank on Google” issue, you need to make sure your business is on social media.

Hire a Pro

Hire an Online Marketing Specialist to Help Your Website Rank on Google

When in need, hire a professional. Our team of Online Marketing Experts can help Google find your website with the fastest results and the highest ROI for your business.  Find out how you can get your business on Google today, call us at 561-429-2585!

Free Internet Marketing Analysis

Our team is ready to review your website, your search rankings, and social media presence. We'll provide you with some tips to help you propel traffic, drive leads and increase revenue.

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