Why Responsive Websites Are Better than Mobile Websites

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Look around you next time you are walking down the street, taking the subway, or having a drink at a café in your city. What are people doing most of the time? Most people have their eyes glued to their mobile devices. This is not a passing trend. This is the future of internet use! In fact, between December 2013 and December 2015, tablet internet consumption grew by 30%. Today, it is not enough to format your website for smart phones. Responsive websites are better than mobile websites because they are compatible with all user devices, thereby creating a better user experience altogether.

Higher Rank, Higher Conversion

 For starters, responsive websites are better than mobile websites in page ranking performance. Why is this so? Well, Google’s spider bots are able to index your site much easier when each format of your site belongs under a single URL.  Whereas, if you create a separate URL for your mobile site, search engines will have trouble finding, tracking, and indexing your site in order to increase your page rank.

With higher page rank comes higher organic search results.  Organic search results account for a large percentage of online conversions.  Responsive websites are better than mobile websites not only for page rank results. Responsive websites also stream inbound links to your website more efficiently.  For example, social platforms like Twitter and Instagram are large portals that direct traffic to websites all the time.  These platforms are used on an array of mobile devices.  When people click on a link to your website from one of these platforms, they will expect your website to be formatted for his or her specific mobile device.  If it is not, the user will bounce immediately.  If your website is responsive, though, you will gain more traffic from additional devices and marketing platforms.

Design Your Responsive Website Today!

Compete More with Less Cost

 Despite the increased use of all mobile devices for internet searches, many businesses have not acknowledged that responsive websites are better than mobile devices.  By formatting your website as responsive, you will add this competitive advantage to your business: positive user experience, diverse traffic from all devices, and less cost! How does it cost less, though? Well, in the long run, you are not paying to host and maintain multiple URLs. Instead, you pay to reformat your website once, and the cost pays for itself in traffic, leads, and sales.

Associate your brand with a customized, streamlined look.  Your website often provides the first impression of your business to potential customers. If online users find your site, and its mobile format is disorganized, poorly designed, and not fitted to the screen, your business will appear careless and disorganized. Remember, 61% of people have a better opinion of brands that have a good mobile experience.  Your business will have a stronger online presence if it can appeal to a broader audience of viewers across all platforms.

Design Your Responsive Website Today!

How are Responsive Websites Designed?

 Because there is no fixed page size nor single format, responsive websites are better than mobile websites. Since there is no “one-size-fits-all” design, it is very important to pay attention to the detail of your layout.  Make sure you keep the most important information above the fold, or initial scroll, of your responsive format.  This is known as the “flow.” Also, find breakpoints, or preset points, to establish appropriate line breaks for different mobile formats. Lastly, set maximum and minimum values for your website content.  These values determine how far across the screen the content stretches.

Why Responsive Websites Are Better than Mobile Websites

 It is not adequate to only target mobile phones for SEO purposes. There are countless mobile devices that people use to access the internet. Why limit your website design to smart phones? Responsive design accommodates all screen sizes, thereby allowing users to access your website in a layout that is appropriate to each of their devices.  Only positive results follow: increased user-access, better SEO, and less cost! It’s a no-brainer. Design your responsive website today, or call our team of web design experts at 561-429-2585 for more information!




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