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Normally we like to give advice on how to improve your search engine rankings for your business. This time we’d like to flip things around and talk about some of the worst advice we heard (and seen) roaming the internet. When working on your digital marketing strategy, you want to implement best practices. This can be hard to do because anyone can create a website and call themselves an SEO expert. This means that they could be giving you outdated or incorrect advice. When it comes to successfully implementing your West Palm Beach SEO strategy, the key is in the details. So let’s talk about how some people (and companies) are getting it wrong.

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Keywords, Keywords And More Keywords!

The practice of getting as many keywords as possible into each page and post on your website used to help with your SEO rankings, but it hasn’t been that way for a long time.  The practice, called Keyword stuffing, now may lead to your website being banned or penalized in search ranking on major search engines. Worse still? While this can be temporary, there are cases in which a page may get permanently banned from showing up on search engine results.

Write Lots Of Content!

Creating content is great. Creating content with a purpose is better! When it comes to this we see a lot of articles mention the importance of creating new content for SEO supremacy. However, a lot fail to mention the importance of that content being related to your niche. Writing about the best muscle car for your buck is not really a great article for a coffee shop. As great as that article can be, it is not going to help the SEO rankings of the coffee shop, writing about the best bean for a dark roast will. When writing content, focus on 1 or 2 keywords (no more) related to your main niche or business.

Build Links And When You’re Done, Build More Links!

The practice of reaching out to other webmasters to exchange links, manually submitting your site to web directories and leaving comments on blog posts and forums is a thing of the past. Your website can be penalized for taking these types of actions. But that does not mean that link building is dead. The truth is that it is more important than ever. The thing to remember is that the updated Google algorithms focus on quality, not quantity. So it’s not so much about having hundreds of links, but about having links from quality sites. Focus on writing high quality content that will earn your website links from people that see value in what you write.

When it comes to West Palm Beach SEO advice, make sure it's the right kind of advice!

All Website Hosts Are The Same, Get The Cheapest One To Start

Your website should load in 5 seconds or less. It should be up and running 24/7. By utilizing the correct software and website host you can achieve these goals easily. The whole purpose of avoiding making mistakes when working on your West Palm Beach SEO is to lead people to your website. If that website is slow, unavailable or not functioning correctly then people will leave, giving you a high bounce rate. Once people find your website, you want them to stick around and learn about your products and/or services.

How Can I Really Improve My West Palm Beach SEO?

When looking to get the best results from your West Palm Beach SEO, you need to contact a team of experts in the field. Contact Digital Resource today! We are experts in creating successful SEO strategies for our clients. Get in touch with our South Florida SEO company at 561-429-2585 or connect with us online today! We look forward to helping your business succeed online!

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