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Online reviews are essential for all businesses. And in the world of online reviews, Yelp reigns supreme.  Yelp has become so popular over that it gets 145 million unique visitors every month. When used correctly, Yelp has the potential to become a huge asset for any company.  One type of business that can greatly benefit from Yelp reviews are dental practices. Here is a case study that demonstrates how we helped a dental practice get more patients by utilizing the power of Yelp.

How Yelp Effects Dental Practices

When people are searching for a dental practice, they look at what other people have to say. In fact, a whopping 90% of patients read online reviews before deciding on a dentist. When practices have numerous positive reviews on Yelp, people trust them and often are eager to set up an appointment. At the same time, however, negative reviews can have damaging effects. 86% of people will hesitate to call a practice if it has negative online reviews.bad yelp reviews hurt dental practice

The dental practice in this case study came to us with zero Yelp reviews. As a result, Yelp had brought them zero customers. Without reviews to build credibility and trust, no one wanted to take a chance at them since there was no proof that they were even a legitimate practice. Sadly, this is an issue countless dental practices and other businesses have when they ignore Yelp.

How to Get Patient Yelp Reviews

Realizing the impact that Yelp reviews can have on a business is only half the battle. You then have to learn how you can get them. After finding out that their lack of Yelp reviews was deterring possible patients away, the dental practice in this case study turned to us for help. Luckily for them, we were able to provide a vast amount of guidance.

One of the biggest, and probably easiest, pieces of advice we gave was to just ask patients to check-in and/or review their practice on Yelp! If they overheard anyone at their office saying kind things, we told them to ask them to put it on Yelp. We also created a “Check-In on Yelp” sign for them to place in their lobby. Patients then were able to quickly scan the code and review while waiting for their appointment. It is, however, important to tell every patient that they should only give an actual review if they have a Yelp account. If a patient without an account gave the practice a 5-star rating it wouldn’t count due to Yelp policies. In cases with people without Yelp accounts, they just checked-in.

get more yelp reviews for dental practice with check-in sign

We also told the practice to encourage their patients to use keywords such as “South Florida dental practice” in their reviews. This not only helped their practice rank high on Yelp results for that term and other keywords, but it helped their SEO for Google reach first page results as well!

Once good reviews began streaming in, we helped with responses. It is always a great idea to interact with anyone who took the time to review. We responded to reviews in a heartfelt and personal manner. We included names and expressed how grateful we were for their review. Not only did this build loyalty and establish a great rapport between the practice and its patients, it also increased Yelp rankings since Yelp encourages this type of interactions.

Just like every other business, however, this dental practice did have to face one bad review. With so many reviews coming in on such an accessible platform, negative reviews on Yelp are unavoidable. Luckily, there are ways to deal with negative reviews. You have to try to make amends. We helped this dental practice develop a response that asked how they could make this patient’s experience better and offered a free dental cleaning. This response did 3 things: it turned the negative review into a learning opportunity, showed the disgruntled patient that they cared, and showed future patients browsing Yelp that they cared!  While you can’t remove your bad reviews, the reviewers who post them can. Which is exactly what this patient did after the response.

Results of Yelp Reviews

After this dental practice started following the advice above, the results were outstanding. They managed to from 0 reviews to 87 reviews with an average 4.6-star rating in 8 months! Thanks to keywords and the rating, they even managed to become a top result for dentists in their area both on Yelp and Google. As their reviews grew, their amount of patients began to skyrocket as well with many patients calling in and saying, “I found you on Yelp!”

Yelp reviews CAN help your business grow, just like it did for this dental practice in this case study! If you want to start getting more Yelp reviews and growing your business like the dental practice in this case study, contact us! We are an internet marketing agency in South Florida that can help your business get the most out of the digital world! Call 561-429-2585 or connect with us online today!


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