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If you’re a small business owner, chances are that you’ve heard from Yodle. In fact, chances are that you’ve heard from Yodle many, many times. Yodle is a service that provides online marketing to small businesses. They claim that they can build your web presence so that more of your potential customers can find you, and those that do find you are more likely to purchase your product or service. They also claim that you’ll be able to see concrete evidence that you’re getting your desired results because they provide analytics and you will be able to see your business substantially grow in no time. Use this Yodle review to learn why you should NOT use their service.

You No Longer Own Your Website or Google Listing

While they will create a new website for you, meaning you still own your original website, that original website will essentially be useless. Having two websites is a huge no-no as far as Google is concerned and once Yodle starts producing your new website, your original site will be penalized so much that it will essentially turn into just a domain name that is worthless. In addition, once you stop paying them, not only will they still control your website and Google Maps listing, but they will change it to reflect a competitor.

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They Use Their Phone Number for Everything and Not Yours

Yodle will use their phone number on every Yahoo, Bing, and Google local directory listing. This means that you basically have 0 chance of ranking locally since those search engines won’t see a local area code. Even if you somehow manage to regain control of your account, Google won’t list a company with two different phone numbers for one address. Also, since Yodle puts their phone number and not yours if someone were to call you Yodle would get the call first. If you don’t keep paying them though, those calls will never make it to you.

Why should I not use yodle?

Don’t Believe This Yodle Review?

Don’t just take our word for it. The Better Business Bureau currently shows 190 customer complaints from small business owners that paid significant amounts of money to Yodle only to not get even a fraction of a return on their investment. Instead of dealing with the frustration that is Yodle, consider contacting us at Digital Resource. We’re an internet marketing agency in South Florida that has helped many businesses design the website of their dreams. And we can help you too!

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