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So you’ve built the perfect website, boosted your social media engagement and mastered your SEO strategy. You’re doing well, but like any successful businessperson wondering what else you can do to further market your company. Lucky for you, using YouTube for business marketing is another effective way to do just that. After Google itself, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine with over a billion users and hundreds of millions of hours of content viewed each day. With numbers that impressive, it’s easy to conclude that the marketing opportunity on YouTube is big. Unfortunately, the competition is bigger. In fact, 63% of businesses plan to expand their marketing on YouTube in the near future. But don’t let the fear of competition scare you off! We have some great YouTube video marketing tips to help you get started and maximize results.

With a few video marketing tips, you can use YouTube for business optimization!


Follow These 6 YouTube Video Marketing Tips When Using YouTube for Business!

YouTube Marketing Tip #1 – Brand Your Channel

The first of our Youtube video marketing tips is to brand. Think of your channel as a new location for your business. Just as you would carefully design and decorate a physical location, you should construct your channel with a close attention to detail. Your branding should be consistent with other digital platforms, such as your website or blog. This is important when choosing items such as your channel icon, art and description, which must all appeal to your desired audience and convey your business’s key message. This rings true for your video content as well, which should always remain relevant. Branding consistency will make your channel more recognizable and give people a clear idea of what to expect when they click your way.

 YouTube Marketing Tip #2 – Use Worthy Content

If you’re making the effort to create YouTube videos, you certainly want people to watch them. But to maximize views, you must provide exceptional and shareable content. When determining what kind of videos to make, think about the ones people share with their friends and family. It’s usually one of two things: educational or emotional. The educational approach works because people appreciate information that can improve their lives and will share it with others. The emotional approach works because people are, well, human beings with feelings. Whether it’s happy, sad or funny, emotional content gives people something to relate to; it’s an experience they’ll want to share. If you can build a strong connection between your content and your audience, plenty of views will follow.

YouTube Marketing Tip #3 – Keep it Short  

While well-known, established companies can sometimes get away with lengthy videos, most companies can’t. Odds are that if you post a 10-minute video, you won’t have people sticking around to watch it. Keep your videos as short as possible; short, sweet and to-the-point is key. On average, people watch videos that are 2.7 minutes in length, so it’s best to keep your videos under three minutes. And regardless of the length you choose, be sure to start off strong. Your audience is paying the closest attention during the beginning of your video, so use this time wisely. Either get your message across quickly or give viewers a reason to keep watching.

Video marketing tips can help you maximize YouTube for business.

YouTube Marketing Tip #4 – Call-to-Action

Once you have viewer-friendly content, you must incorporate an effective call-to-action. A call-to-action is something that prompts your audience to do something. Yes, you might have viewers pleasantly impressed by your video, but that isn’t your final goal. Your final goal is to get them to visit your website. Whether it’s done vocally or through a YouTube annotation, a call-to-action should link your video content with your business. It should be loud and clear, providing viewers with a strong sense of what to do next.

YouTube Marketing Tip #5 – Help Others Find You

Why have a great video on YouTube for business marketing if no one can find it? Your videos must be search-friendly. Focus on three aspects of a video: the title, the description and the tags. The title should be short and straightforward, with a few common keywords that summarize the content. The description should further elaborate on what your video is about, while still including your title’s keywords. And don’t skip the tags, as these can significantly help your rankings. For tags, use as many relevant keywords as possible, including those already used in your title and description. Add some brand-specific tags to differentiate your channel from others. Also, keep an eye on trending tags, as these can be very useful if they relate to your video. And if you see a new trending tag that relates to an old video, don’t hesitate to go back and add it.

YouTube Marketing Tip #6 – Share Share Share

The last, but definitely not the least of our Youtube video marketing tips, is to share. Once you perfect your YouTube video, you need to start sharing it…everywhere. Getting your video out there is a vital step in gaining the exposure you’re looking for because it skips the step of viewers having to find you. Make use of your website, blog and social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by posting your video with a keyword-friendly description. And encourage your family, friends and employees to share it as well.

Start Using YouTube for Business Today!

If you’re not making use of YouTube, it’s time to get with the digital program. Using YouTube for business improvement is a growing marketing technique so don’t get left behind! Simply follow our video marketing tips and you’ll be on the path to a successful YouTube presence. If you have any questions about how to market using YouTube or any other digital platform, contact our digital marketing experts in South Florida! Our team at Digital Resource can help your business reach new levels of success!

Susan is a graduate of Florida State University where she studied Editing, Writing & Media and Business. Her studies, along with a wide range of internships, have given her valuable knowledge and experience in the field of marketing. She is a creative thinker, very team oriented and has a passion for unique storytelling. Susan is eager to help companies grow their markets digitally and thrilled to be a member of the Digital Resource Team.

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