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Holiday ads aren’t just for the big guys. As a smaller company, you can hone in on unique markets within Valentine’s Day searches. You just need to know where to shift your mindset and your targets for Google AdWords. So, keep reading to learn how you can reach people of all kinds as they celebrate Valentine’s Day:

Should I Advertise on Valentine’s Day?

On any given holiday, the big names seem to dominate the top of search engine results. This can be intimidating to the smaller guy who can’t foresee getting rankings at the top of “Flower Delivery.” The truth is that there’s a lot more to Valentine’s Day than chocolates, teddy bears, and bouquets. So, this is where your business can capitalize on Google AdWords.

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Market Research

You need to take your market research to the next level. Take a look back at high-performing keywords – short and long tail. Then, think outside the box. See where certain products and services rank throughout the year and compare it to how they rank around the holiday. You may be surprised by what you find.

Target a Specific Audience

An important aspect of Google AdWords is making sure you’re targeting the right audience. You don’t want to be too specific, or you miss out on a lot of potential viewers. However, if an audience is too broad, your promotion will get lost amongst the masses.

During Valentine’s Day, there’s a lot of different groups you can go after. Is the high school sweetheart on a budget better for your business? Or, do you want to go after the couples that are hitting milestones? You can easily create messages and promotions around these people and get higher quality leads.

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Sitelinks & Promo

Below your Google ad, you may have links to different pages on your site. In blue text, these can direct a viewer to your store, blog, contact page, and more. Also, if you’re running a promotion, you can have a little promotion “extension” that lists your deal under all of the other information. You can customize these to seasonal deals and promotions. That’s an easy way to target an advertisement to a seasonal event.

Countdown the Time

A call-to-action that businesses may not know about is the countdown. You can implement a small feature that tells viewers how much longer a promotion has. This shows them that time is of the essence and may move them to act quickly.

Are You Looking to Invest in Google AdWords?

Success via Google AdWords is a complicated process. And at Digital Resource, we can assist your business in reaching your goals with online advertising. So, contact us today to learn more about our services!

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