Yellow Pages Online Marketing Services | 4 Reasons to Stay Away

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If you are considering using yellow pages online for digital marketing, you might want to think again. Print yellow pages (YP) are dead. They are expensive, stale, highly competitive, have a limited reach, and are ineffective.

But what about yellow pages online? Yellow page’s digital efforts might seem like a viable marketing plan. Don’t be fooled. Yellow pages online marketing services do NOT work.

Here, we explain the top 4 reasons why you should stay away from yellow pages online marketing services.

should I use yellow pages online?

1) Yellow Pages Online Services Are Not Personalized

Although yellow pages might claim personalized online services, they are far from it. Their local consultants are salesmen, first and foremost. They may know enough about digital marketing and SEO to sell you their services. However, they aren’t able to produce the results. Furthermore, they are usually based in another city. It’s likely that you will never have any direct contact with them.

Truly personalized service occurs when you can cultivate long-standing relationships. This requires the ability for you to educate them on what’s important to your business, who you customers are, your goals, etc. Your best bet to achieve this is to partner with a local digital agency. A local agency allows you to meet face-to-face on a frequent basis. Not to mention, digital marketing professionals know a lot more about digital marketing than YP salesmen.

2) Yellow Pages Online Services Are Inconvenient for Customers

A listing in YP’s website is not a true link to your site. It forces potential visitors to go through their site before reaching yours. Consumers use the internet to make their search easy and convenient. The harder it is for them to reach you, the less likely they will complete the journey.

Google is where searches begin, not YP’s website. Furthermore, Google is not just a search engine for information anymore. It’s a complete directory listing service that can find you the cheapest products, local services, latest news, and so much more. Studies show that 80% of all users have Google set as their homepage. Make it convenient for your future customers. Put your efforts in optimizing your website for the best search rankings.

3) Yellow Pages Online Services Are Ineffective

The marketing services provided by yellow pages online are ineffective. They fail to produce results for their customers. Many businesses see a decrease in new business leads. Sometimes businesses feel pressured to spend more to see the results they were originally promised.

When you adopt a new digital marketing strategy you deserve results. You should see new business leads and calls, higher search rankings, and more social media followers. If you aren’t getting your desired results, the agency should adjust their tactics – not higher their prices.

4) Yellow Pages Online Services Receives Bad Reviews

Consumer Affairs reports an overall satisfaction rating for as 1 out of 5 stars. People state that “this is a scam”, “didn’t get good results”, and “their SEO specialists are not the best in the industry, they don’t know the right keywords to use and the ad descriptions are just sloppy!” There’s even been wide reports of forged contracts.

Reviews don’t lie. Listen to the hundreds of customer reviews warning about yellow pages online. Avoid their digital marketing mistakes. Hire someone reputable with proven results.

In an attempt to stay relevant during the digital revolution, yellow pages has begun online services. These attempts are just too little too late. Yellow pages online marketing services fail miserably. They are impersonalized, inconvenient, ineffective, and receive bad reviews.

You must avoid investing in YP’s online efforts at all costs. Instead, try using a local digital marketing agency for the best results. If you have any further questions about digital marketing or the evils of yellow pages, contact us! We are a digital marketing agency in West Palm Beach that would love to help your business! Get a free marketing analysis today!


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