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Designing a website is easier said than done. I’m sure as a business owner you already have a website but is it effective? Most websites aren’t living up to their full potential and adjustments need to be made. Hiring a website marketing company will ensure that your website is top notch, effectively reaching your audience, and boosting your Google Ranking. Keep reading for what makes a website effective!

Do i need to hire a website marketing company to make my website more effective

What Makes a Website Effective?

  1. Purpose

Don’t leave you site visitors guessing about what your company is. Visitors should be able to immediately recognize that ABC Farms is a food distributor. This step is critical for any small business wanting to inform site visitors and keep them coming back.

  1. Communication

Give site visitors the information they’re searching for right away before the move on to find the information elsewhere. Your contact information should be easy to find on each page of your website. It is also important to communicate clearly and make your website easy to read and digest. Effective tactics to use would be using headlines, sub-headlines, and bullet points.

  1. Fonts

Generally, sticking to three fonts in the Serif font family across your website creates a cohesive and organized appearance. The ideal fonts to stick to are Arial and Verdana because they are easier to read on websites.  This is because they have small strokes that extend from the ends of letters and symbols making the characters more distinct.

  1. Colors

When designing your website, it is important to remember to keep white space as an important part of the design. White space is the portion of the pages that are left “empty” between graphics or text. White space helps to keep your website looking clean and creating emphasis on certain page aspects. Also, keep to a color scheme of three or fewer colors on your website to keep the pages consistent.

  1. Blog

Creating a blog page on business websites has been necessary for many years now. This offers more information to site visitors and gives them a better idea of your business. On this page, you would write about current events, specials, or products related to your business. Adding a new blog post at least every week also boosts your SEO, making you more appealing to Google Search.

  1. Load Time

Nobody has the patience to wait eight seconds for a website to load anymore. The average amount of time people wait for a website to load is three seconds. When you are designing, keep in mind that nobody will see your beautifully designed website if it takes too long to load. You can minimize load times by optimizing your images and compressing your website code.

  1. Mobile Friendly

The average internet users are mainly using their phone to access information on hand, especially from company websites. Your goal is to make your website look as fantastic on a smartphone as it does on a desktop. If your website is not made mobile friendly you will be losing much of your website traffic.

  1. Navigation

This is how easy it is for website visitors to move around your website and find the information they are searching for. To achieve this ease of navigation, use clickable buttons that help users find their information quickly.

  1. Images

Pictures are the main attraction for most websites so make sure that you are choosing the right images to reflect your company. High-quality professional photos always perform best but if you don’t have a professional camera, stock photos are the next best option.

  1. SEO

The rules of effective SEO are constantly changing but in a basic form using four or more keyword on your website can boost your Google ranking. Linking to pages within your website, especially your blog also achieves the same results.

should i hire a website marketing company to design and optimize my website

Should I Hire a Website Marketing Company?

The answer is, YES! These tips have barely scratched the surface of website design. Always remember that your audience is looking for information that will lead them to decide about a purchase. By reading these guidelines you have already gained more knowledge about website design.

Hiring a Website Marketing Company that has experience with designing and optimizing websites is the best way to reach your audience more effectively. Digital Resource is the top Website Marketing Company in West Palm Beach, FL and we would love to speak with you about your business! To receive a FREE Internet Marketing Analysis just fill out the form on our website.

Free Internet Marketing Analysis

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