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Small businesses are constantly on the hunt for ways to improve their social media marketing across different platforms. Many businesses may lend their focus to Facebook, but it’s important to remember that Twitter deserves the same amount of attention. Twitter marketing can be extremely beneficial and help increase brand awareness if used with the best tactics in mind. So if you want to get the most favorites and retweets, you need to create engaging tweets that appeal to your audience! Keep reading to find out ways you can increase your Twitter marketing game!

Grow your business with Twitter marketing

Twitter Marketing Tips

Appeal to Readers

In order to for your Twitter posts to receive any attention, you must appeal to your readers and majority of your network. It is easy to get caught up in your own writing style, but in order to increase your audience you must take time to craft the post accurately and as easy on the eye as possible.

When writing, think WWRW – What would the readers want?

Ways to do this is through talking with the readers, rather than at them in posts. Reply to @mentions and respond quickly to all types of feedback. Think of the content you are posting as something people would want to retweet. Is it funny, inspirational, or the latest news? These are the most retweeted types of posts on Twitter. Give users a reason to want to share your post or interact with it. Encouraging engagement with questions is always a good idea and helps you to better create conversation with your audience.

Correct Grammar and Spelling

When it comes to Twitter marketing,  the grammar and spelling in your posts should not go overlooked. Your tweets reflect the quality of your business to users, so poor spelling and grammar looks careless and should be avoided at all costs. Grammar mistakes can directly impact whether users will click on your link and share your posts or not. Instead of quickly sending out a tweet, take the time to focus on creating a post that is grammatically correct.

Include Media

Putting visuals such as photos, videos, and GIFs will increase the engagement rate for your posts. Research shows that visual content is shared 3x more than text alone, allowing your business posts to reach a larger audience and be retweeted more often. Choosing a high-quality, relevant image will encourage users to engage on your tweets. Also try to choose images or videos that evoke emotion, like funny or cute images. People like to retweet and share things that are interesting or make them smile. Keep that in mind when creating your next Twitter post.

Twitter tips for visuals

Use Hashtags

When it comes to Twitter marketing, hashtags are a must. The best way to use hashtags on Twitter is by including 1-2 in your tweets and also by staying up to date on trending hashtags. Did you know tweets that include at least one hashtag receive 27% more engagement than those that don’t? That’s why its crucial to remember hashtags in your next post! Twitter makes it easy to stay up to date on trending hashtags and have a trending topics section right on your feed. You can use a trending hashtag to get your tweet seen by people who are browsing that hashtag. This means that your post can be seen by users who may not have found it otherwise! Hashtags are used to connect people on topics, so start using hashtags today and join the conversation!

Crafting Tweets are not as hard as it may seem. You do have to put some thought into it and be strategic, but when following these Twitter tips, you are sure to have business beneficial posts! If you have any more questions on how to improve your business’s Twitter posts or want a team of expert online marketing specialist to assist you, give us a call at (561)-429-2585! You can also connect with our Social Media Marketing Company online today! 

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