Why Your Facebook Business Page Doesn’t Get Engagement

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When you are trying to grow your business’ online presence, a normal and necessary step is to get a Facebook business page. Facebook is such an important tool for online marketing, a tool that can really excel your growth if used correctly and effectively. Some business owners running the page get frustrated at times, wondering why their Facebook business page is not getting engagement. Getting likes, comments and seeing the page grow are all indicators that the page is successful and moving in the right direction. But what if you’re not getting any engagement? What could be going wrong?

Reasons why it's important to have a Facebook business page

You Don’t Have a Facebook Ad Campaign

A common mistake that new Facebook business page owners make is thinking that the page does not need ads. Organic growth can definitely happen, but to get the page up and going, get an initial fan base, it is important to run a Facebook ad campaign. Facebook ads are one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools available in the market today. The targeting available is one of the most advanced techniques and allows you to show your ad specifically to your potential or perfect consumer. A general average for Facebook likes is about a dollar a like. Depending on how well you optimize your ads, it could be lower than that even! To be growing a Facebook audience, that is not a lot to pay! You will see your page grow, depending on your budget, fast or slow and as the page grows, the friends of the people who like the page will see and perhaps join in, and then the organic momentum will kick in.

You’re Not Posting Consistently

Maybe you have a decent number of followers though, and you just don’t see any action on any of your posts. With all those followers on your Facebook business page, you have to be frustrated wondering why people aren’t engaging with your posts! Well how often are you posting? For pages with under 10,000 likes the recommended number of posts daily is about one or two. Why is that you may be wondering? The way the Facebook algorithm operates, your content will not be shown to your entire fan base every time you post. Actually every post makes it to about 20-30% of your “Likes” because of the way the formula works. With that in mind, if you are not posting consistently and on a daily basis, not only are only a fraction of your page followers seeing the post, you are not hitting all of your followers on any given week and you risk them forgetting about your business. By posting on a consistent and daily basis you are more likely to hit your follower’s feed at least once throughout the week, making sure they’re not overwhelmed by your posts, but they remember your business if they need you!

Optimized posts on your Facebook business page will increase engagement

Your Posts Aren’t Optimized

But maybe you’re happy with the number of likes you have and you’re posting once daily, then what is it? Well what are you posting exactly? Facebook utilizes a Facebook Edge Rank algorithm that will rank and show posts or not depending on what is being posted! If you are not posting a picture, video or link with each post you are getting points deducted and your posts are not getting shown to more people! Facebook ranks the content by what gets shared and commented on the most, so if people are seeing your post, they’re not interacting with it, so Facebook will show your posts and future posts to less people.

Another optimization technique for Facebook posts is to measure the performance of the posts on your Facebook business page. See which kind of posts to the best, in terms of engagement, and then gear your posts towards that style. So if you notice that a lot of your infographics are getting a lot of shares, but your links aren’t doing as well, change your posting strategy to focus more on what’s doing well!

Managing your Facebook business page effectively is like another full time job! Making sure you’re doing everything right so that you get the maximum amount of engagement is time consuming, and that’s why we want to do it for you! Contact our West Palm Beach social media team today to find out how you can take a load off and start focusing on other sections of your business!

With a business degree from Florida Atlantic University, Julie has years of experience advertising and marketing for several businesses including real estate brokerages and photography companies. She brings her background in writing, graphic design and communications, as well as her experience in the field, when assisting clients with their internet marketing needs. She treats every client with the upmost level of professionalism and care, ensuring everyone who works with Digital Resource has a smile throughout the process!

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