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For many new businesses and small operations, setting aside the time and resources for an effective web design just isn’t a priority. But, the benefits are too significant to ignore. Miami Web design is the foundation for any significant web presence in conjunction with an advertising effort across social media. Website design Miami partnered with social media is key to any new design operation, and our team is ready to make your visions a reality.

What is Web Design?

Web design focuses on the overall appearance of a website such as fonts, colors, layout, and more. At Digital Resource, our award-winning website design team keeps the user in mind at all times, ensuring that your brand-friendly design is conducive to generating online leads.

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Font Choice

Choosing the right font might seem like an insignificant choice, but choosing the wrong one can have drastic consequences for your online presence. It might seem obvious to not choose something like Comic Sans, but different fonts convey different feelings based on the context of the website where they’re used.

Font can impact the way you read text, and so making sure you’re allowing users to interact with the text on your site in a positive way. One of the most recent developments that has taken the custom web design Miami world by storm is the use of Helvetica for any large or plain text, because it uses sharp edges and is easy to read. You wouldn’t want to use a cursive script for a webpage, for example.

Limiting your use to two or three different fonts on your pages, take the time to experiment with different fonts and compare them to your primary colors and logo. This will give you an idea of what font feels right to you and which one will be more popular with others.

Use of White Space

In keeping your website design Miami looking clean and easy to navigate, clever use of the blank white space on your pages can have a big impact on the readability of your site and how your product or service is presented to visitors.

Making a first impression is important on the internet as well, and so crafting an image that facilitates the values and goals of your online presence is vital to any new website design Miami construction.

White space is especially useful if your website design Miami uses neutral colors like black, which are easy to contrast with white background space, making your site seem much more professional to visitors.

Creating this professional atmosphere isn’t too difficult to pull off in a brick and mortar location, but online, it is challenging to cultivate. Too much white space can make a web page too simple and seem empty or incomplete, but not enough can make it seem crowded and overdone. Getting the balance between images, text, and white space is critical to any functional custom web design Miami.


The newest trend in web design is adhering to the principles of minimalism in both graphic Miami web design company and the use of text on your new website.

Minimalism demands that only the most important information is used, in an effort to encourage interaction and even create an air of exclusivity in your brand and product or service. Creating a perceived value in your brand is vital, especially for new businesses that do not have a reputation yet. This is the foundation of a reputation and local presence where your brand is respected as an authority in comparison to competitors.

Keeping things simple is always a great idea for nearly any page build, because it can be easy to overwhelm someone looking into a product or service, and getting lost in mountains of text is a sure way to get a visitor to lose interest in what they’re reading. Keeping your visitors interested is the main objective for any page, and this is accomplished using a finely tuned combination of Miami web design elements with information.


The way we incorporate images into our websites and how we use them along with text is important to how visitors understand information and form an opinion about your brand. Images are vital to how your brand is perceived and how they are used is just as important with a Miami web design company.

One of the most important considerations when it comes to choosing images is the use of color and the intensity of the subject matter. Take a dental office as an example. Images of people with big, beautiful smiles help to create a positive image that may soothe anxious, potential patients. Use a photo of a bunch of dental tools and a gaping mouth, and you’re not going to get such a great reaction.

A big mistake that many businesses make, especially smaller or newer ones, is deciding to use all of their own photography. While the owner can control the subject of the photos, chances are they might not have the most experience with photography compared to a Miami web design company. The best option is to always hire a professional photographer for any new images you need that you plan on using in the long term.

Visual Hierarchy

The principle of visual hierarchy refers to the placing of the most important information at the top of the page, where it will be seen first, with the rest of the information descending in priority, as the page gets longer. This principle is incredibly important because it will help your visitors to find the information they need without too much searching.

Visual hierarchy can get lost on the list of priorities, but minimizing the work people need to put in to find important information about your business can improve the interactions between your business and visitors with website design Miami. Visual hierarchy, when combined with the other principles of website design Miami mentioned above, will make a wonderful addition to the design of your new website and help create positive interactions with your visitors. Make your most important statement visible and they will become the driving force behind your new following.

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Why Choose Our Miami Web Design Company?

One of the most difficult things for a new business owner to do is get a successful website design Miami up and running. Let our team at Digital Resource handle the brunt of the web design process so you can have peace of mind. Give us a call if you have any questions about our Miami web design services or if you would like a quote on a new website.