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Make a great first impression with a website that is sure to attract visitors! Having a streamlined and visually stunning website could make or break the impact of your digital marketing efforts. And, as your leading expert in website design in West Palm Beach, Digital Resource knows how to create websites that convert for businesses of all verticals.

What is Web Design?

Web design focuses on the overall appearance of a website such as fonts, colors, layout, and more. At Digital Resource, our award-winning website design team keeps the user in mind at all times, ensuring that your brand-friendly design is conducive to generating online leads.

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How Does Web Design Impact Users?

A beautiful website is directly associated with the user experience. If your website looks dull and boring, chances are people will move onto the next company. As a web design company in Florida, we understand that a website must be geared toward the interests of the user. We help you determine your goals and find the best way to relay their value in a visual manner.

Here are the most important elements that make for a successful website design:

Visual Hierarchy

The layout of your website is a major aspect when designing a website. With visual hierarchy, you will be able to highlight the most important elements and allow the user to work their way down to the elements of least importance.

Since most websites today are designed using blocks, this makes it easier for the user to sift through content. The level of hierarchy can be designed with the positioning on a page and sizing options.


Did you know that colors have psychological meanings to users? Words don’t even have to play a role, because color is the first thing users will see. Colors indicate how important a piece of information is on a single page.

For example, the color red signifies importance and typically alerts users subliminally. On the other hand, purple is a calming color that could be used for other areas of content. Taking advantage of using brighter colors to advertise a sale could affect your number of conversions. Your web design company in Florida utilizes multiple colors to denote information we think is important for our clients to know.


As soon as a color scheme has been implemented, locate where the CTA (call-to-action) will be situated. An important detail to remember is to always get the user to perform an action such as learning more about or buying your product.

A strong CTA will include verbiage that is getting the user to “buy now” or “today only” at the top of the page, preferably before they even have to scroll.


If web design is concerned with the appearance, then images are the unwritten message you are trying to convey. Today, West Palm Beach web design can use a variety of imagery ranging from stock infographics to original images. Stock photos are royalty-free images that are sold online and were photographed to generalize ideas, products, or services.

To make your website stand out, original images of the actual products you sell along with team members makes it more appealing. As a result, this level of authenticity tells visitors what to expect from your company.


In order to make the user experience as seamless as possible, an easy-to-follow navigation is essential. This is how users will be able to sift through content on your website. The menu is the central hub that users will use to go from page to page.

The most common form of navigation is a drop-down menu that keeps sub-pages hidden until the user hovers over the main page tabs. This makes it more efficient for users to understand the scope of organization that is being consolidated on the page.


Moreover, include a section for reviews about your company from past clients. This can be included on the homepage as it showcases your credibility to reach out to new customers. To take this a step further, a reviews page could significantly increase your digital marketing efforts. The best reviews are those that are genuine as compared to those that you’ve maybe bought. Instead, a genuine review makes your company more appealing due to the level of transparency.

Mobile Responsiveness

Nowadays, not all internet users are sitting down at their desktop. They’re on their laptop, their smartphone, their tablet, and so on. With changing devices, format must be adaptable. In terms of your website, we call this “responsiveness”.

Your West Palm Beach web design should be responsive, meaning it changes appropriately depending on the user’s device. This allows your company to maintain positive user experiences and not compromise the quality of your site. Without a responsive website, you could be looking at misshapen photos, oversized text, and difficulty navigating.

Loading Speed

Your website should be able to load in under 10 seconds – and even that’s on the long side. In fact, users truly prefer under 3 seconds. If your website takes longer than this amount of time, you are risking turning visitors away because your site took too long to load.

This is why we optimize and scale your images to an acceptable size. The image itself is always kept at a high-resolution and should be sized according to amount of content on a single page. Both needs to be designed in moderation while complementing one another in this interwoven relationship.


Before publishing a final web design, our team always tests each and every component. The loading speed, any images, content spelling, and its responsiveness will be tested to ensure its readability and effectiveness. Another detail is to make sure that every URL is directed to the correct page. This is perhaps the number one reasons why websites aren’t getting the traction (meaning rankings) they need to generate new opportunities.

Our metric and data tracking tools will set your company apart from the rest. The final design will be tested time and time again, until it provides you the results you envisioned.

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Are You Looking for Website Design in West Palm Beach?

Our main goal is to set your sights on remarkable web design that makes the user experience memorable. Digital Resource has the latest tools, techniques, and web design specialists to create a website that is truly yours. If you need more information, contact us for a FREE website evaluation!