Veterinary Facebook Page | What Should My Vet Clinic Post?

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When it comes to brand awareness, veterinary clinics are not typically among the most popular businesses. However, this doesn’t mean your clinic can’t have internet marketing success. One great tool at your clinic’s disposal is your veterinary Facebook page. Keep reading to learn about specially curated posts that can assist your clinic with boosting business!

How can I get better engagement on my veterinary Facebook page?

6 Facebook Posts to Share Often

Timely Events or Holidays – Next time Independence Day rolls around or when Halloween comes up, take a picture of a dog in your clinic with a flag or decorative prop next to it and share “Happy Independence Day from (your vet clinic)” on Facebook. It’ll drive Facebook likes through the roof.

Pet Taking on Human Personality – When you see a funny picture (or meme), put your own copywriting skills to work. Pets acting like people make people laugh. When people are entertained, they’re more likely to like and share your post.

Pet Recovery Stories – When a pet undergoes intensive surgery and is recovering well, a picture of the pet can create “well wishes” all across social media.

Photos from the Clinic – If a pet comes to your clinic in a purse, capture that moment and add clever copy. Having pictures of pets with their own thoughts or clever sayings adds humor and value to people who follow your clinic on Facebook.

Involvement in Local Community – Get your own pets and the clinic involved in local events. Take a few pets to the local children’s hospital or university for some fun. Wear your clinic’s T-shirt to better expose your practice. Better yet, see if one of the pups would like wearing one for added cuteness!

Lost Pet – When a pet is lost, there is urgency from the local community to share quickly and find the pet. This bodes well for having your veterinary community come together to share content that helps to find the lost pet while also getting your clinic’s name in front of a lot of people.

What will help my veterinary Facebook page?

3 Things to Post on Facebook Sparingly

Consistent engagement on Facebook drives sales through referrals and brand awareness with existing customers. The engaging posts above get far more reach than the next few examples. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the next few post ideas more sparingly on your veterinary Facebook page.

Clinical Information – Share clinic information such as new vaccines or other important information such as disease and surgery info. The best format for this is an image accompanied by a ‘Q&A’ format.

Newsworthy Clinic Stories – Share updates such as new hires, awards, and more when the news comes. However, do like a journalist and make sure it is “newsworthy,” or truly worth sharing.

Clinic Promotions – Share discounts or other promotions from your clinic. However, this can come off as ‘salesy’ and is exactly the kind of post that should be shared sparingly. Moreover, when you do share this information, always include a picture and clever copy in order to grab the people’s attention.

Does Your Clinic Need Assistance with Its Veterinary Facebook Page?

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