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When it comes to generating more sales, most businesses are open to the various up-and-coming ways in which they can digitally market their companies. Whether it is website optimization, email marketing, online advertising or building a strong social media presence, businesses are doing it all. Recently, there is one way in particular that is becoming extremely popular with businesses all over the Internet. In hopes of generating more leads, businesses are now offering website live chat to their site visitors.

Giving customers the ability to chat with a live person at any given moment, live chat is becoming one of the quickest and most effective ways for businesses to get more leads. It is even more effective than the usual methods of lead generation like cold calls, email and social media. This is because it is a form of person-to-person contact and allows businesses to be in this contact with various people at once.

why you should get website live chat

Still not convinced that your business should be using website live chat? Here are 10 statistics that might just change your mind.

  1. With a 92% customer satisfaction rate, live chat generates more leads than phone, email or social media support
  2. 73% of customers find live chat to be the most satisfying way of communicating with a business
  3. 42% of customers selected live chat as their preferred method of giving contact information, higher than any other lead generating method
  4. 44% of people said that speaking and exchanging information with a live person is one of the most important features on a website
  5. 83% of customers like having live chat for assistance before they make a purchase
  6. 90% of people think live chat is helpful
  7. 62% of people were more likely to make a purchase if live chat is available
  8. 38% of people reported that they provided contact information and made a purchase because of a successful live chat session
  9. 63% of people said they will be more likely to use a business with live chat
  10. 79% of people prefer live chat because they can exchange information quickly

website live chat stats

In conclusion, live chat is just another top-notch way to bring in more sales for your business. Except there’s one major difference between this form of digital communication and other ones. It’s live! Because it’s such an easy and convenient way for customers to give a phone number or email or book an appointment, people are more likely to do so. Potential customers love the back and forth exchange of information. Unlike a phone call, they aren’t pressured into asking all of their questions right away. And unlike an email, they don’t have to wait for a response. With live chat, no one is “on hold.” Customers can browse your business website and ask questions when they please. And the best part is, they receive responses right away.

Make the Most of Your Website Live Chat!

By now, there should be no question about whether your business needs live chat. The answer is yes! And remember, if you don’t want to stress about setting it all up, you can always outsource. At Digital Resource, we have the live chat resources to get your more business leads. Reach out to our live chat team today!

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