Your Content is Boring – Here’s How to Boost Engagement

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You just published your blog post or video, and you’re super excited, but no one’s liking or commenting. That probably means no one’s sharing it either. No matter how good you think your content might be, it won’t reach its true potential if no one is sharing your work. That’s why you need to find your voice.

There’s so much competition in today’s digital world. And with an oversaturated online media presence, you have to make your content stand out. If you don’t, it’ll just be another thing people quickly scroll past and forget about.

That’s not what you want when you spend quality time creating something valuable. You want as many people as possible to read, hear, or see what you have to say.



Benefits of Boosting Engagement

As we’ve already mentioned, your content can’t reach its full potential without likes, comments, and shares. When your audience becomes more engaged, your audience grows, meaning more potential business for you. That’s what makes content marketing so important.

Outside of simply having more eyes on your branded content, boosting engagement can help your search engine optimization efforts. Search engines don’t just look at your website. Rather, they assess the entirety of your online presence, placing more value on content that searchers find useful! Once again, the end result could be more business headed your way.

Sounds Good! How Do I Do It?

You won’t get engagement from your audience by just doing the minimum. You need to become personable. You need to be human. A boring wall of text in a blog or a monotone voice on video isn’t going to do you any favors. Give people a reason to engage.

Get Interactive

Engagement might come naturally if your content is controversial, but what if you’re not planning on making something divisive? One of the best and easiest ways to increase engagement is to make it easy for your audience. You can do that through directly interacting with them.

Ask your audience some questions. Maybe it’s how they feel about something. People love giving their opinions on things, especially on social media. The great thing about this is that it can create a continuous conversation of different thoughts and ideas, which can go on even long after you’ve moved onto the next best thing.

Make it Exciting

If the situation allows, bringing excitement to your content is a great way of engaging your audience. If you’re excited about the content, your audience has a greater chance of being excited about it to.

That doesn’t mean adding a bunch of exclamation points everywhere and calling it a day. Write like you’re interested. Speak like you mean it. Your audience can tell.

Relate to Your Audience

Have you noticed your audience responds to some content more than others? Why is that? It could be because of the topic or even because of a certain style the content is presented in. While it’s important to create what you care about, that’s not your only concern if you’re looking to boost engagement. Understand what your audience wants to see. If they consistently like what you post, they’ll be more likely to share more of what you create.

Be Personable on Social Media

Getting engagement goes beyond the original content. When you create your content, you probably share it yourself on social media, but are you doing it in a way that will give it the attention it deserves?

Have you ever noticed that the more personable a company or business’ social media account is, the more shares they get? Many of the 3.5 billion active social media users like a bit more personality from official accounts, but that doesn’t mean that you should necessarily be too personable. There’s a line that can be crossed, and it’s best to get an idea of what kind of audience you have or what kind you want. Being personable is one thing, but that doesn’t mean you should ever come off as rude or sarcastic. There are even different ways of handling the various social media platforms.


While Facebook started out as something just for kids over a decade ago, it has quickly grown to a wide variety of people. When you share your content on Facebook, you might want to add a relatable or funny image. It’ll create more incentive to check out what you have to say.


Instagram is big on pictures and recently even video. If you have a video to share, Instagram has become a great place to do so. Make sure you use subtitles though because many people scrolling through Instagram might be doing it with their volume turned off. If they see your video doesn’t have subtitles, they might just keep scrolling.

Also worth noting is that Instagram doesn’t allow you to post links under a regular image post. But, you are able to include them in stories or in your bio. Personally announcing new content in a story will get your viewers excited about what you have next for them.


Twitter is often a very informal social media platform that is great way to bring some personality to your content. It’s also a great way to interact with your audience. Posing questions, getting feedback or just hearing someone out goes a long way in getting people to stick with your content. When you notice them, they’ll remember.


It’s all about video content on YouTube. And with 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, engagement is very important. There’s almost always going to be someone making the same type of content as you on YouTube, so the best thing to do is to make your videos to the point and well-edited. If people lose interest, they’ll stop watching early and won’t interact with the video, causing the YouTube algorithm to push it aside. This makes it harder for people to find your videos in the future.

Ask the viewer a question they can answer in the comments section. Add some background music. Edit out “ums” and long pauses. There’s no room for the viewer to feel detached.

Does Your Business Need Help with Boosting Online Engagement?

If you want to know more about boosting your content’s engagement, we’re here for you. At Digital Resource, we can help you with the ins and outs of growing your audience, getting them involved and keeping them engaged. Contact us today to learn more!

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