Current Events Marketing | Why Current Events Matter for Your Business

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How does a business benefit from getting involved in the conversation surrounding breaking news and trending topics?  This can be a tricky field to navigate considering wide-ranging opinions and political affiliations.  Properly interjecting your company into the national conversation with current events marketing can dramatically increase sales, social media presence and brand recognition.

How Do Current Events Affect Your Digital Media Strategy?

First, evaluate how your business fits into relevant current events.  Perhaps your company is tasked with providing employee health care plans while the recently proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act is being debated in Congress?  Is your company affected by issues such as net neutrality, NAFTA or EPA reform?  Find topics that everyday people are reading TODAY to effectively place your brand into the conversation.  By properly adding a call to action in your message the conversation can continue in ways that directly impact your bottom line.

How to write about current events for my business?

Regardless of the topic, business owners and employees are influenced daily by politics and current events.

What is your goal?

  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Boost Brand Recognition
  • Inspiring action that will benefit the company’s interests
  • Improve google rankings and SEO results
  • Delivering a product that solves a widely-publicized issue
  • Engaging with consumers in real time
  • All of the above?

Begin by setting up an email or text message alert system whenever breaking news happens in your industry.  One simple way to do this is by using Google News and narrowing down topics that are most relevant to your company.  You will be the first to know when news is breaking that affects your business.  This is a good practice even if you do not plan to contribute to the conversation.

When you find a story that disrupts the industry, begin to form a narrative that drives your intended message.  Is your product just the thing to solve the current crisis?  Is your team ready to help implement whatever new technology is now in demand?  Write an article, post a video or engage in a blog that is directly related to the topic.  Regardless of the subject, current events marketing should highlight the influential factors that drive real results for the company.

Current Events Marketing strategies to grow your businesses digital reach.

Do Not Create an Obvious Advertisement

The most important nuance for leveraging current events marketing for your business is a stealthy approach.  Be sure to provide insight into a trending topic without pushing the sales pitch too blatantly.  Save the “call to action” until after you have provoked thought into the topic and offered genuine advice.  Remember to interject as a “thought leader” in the industry, not a salesperson.

Choose The Best Platforms For Your Current Events Marketing

Whether it be Facebook, a popular LinkedIn group or a formal press release, your message needs a platform.  Choosing the best vehicle for your narrative will depend on where your customers are receiving their news.  B2C will be informal social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.  B2B will be found on industry specific blogs, LinkedIn groups or even your own companies web page.

When your business is effectively included in the national or local conversation you could be featured on Google News or other media outlets expanding the story to a wider audience of potential customers.  The end goal is to be considered a “thought leader” and source for information in your niche field, resulting in customers knocking on your door and reshaping your marketing strategies for the better.  For help getting started with current events marketing contact Digital Resource.  Our skills in digital media, blogging, social media and SEO will drive your narrative straight to the consumer.   

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