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It was merely decades ago that the internet was introduced to the mainstream. Flash forward to today and more than one billion people access the online market every single day. That’s why the digital landscape is the ideal place to blaze a trail and reach a wide audience. If you’re in need of a custom digital marketing strategy, Digital Resource is your leading internet marketing agency to fulfill your company’s goals!

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the practice of using marketing efforts completely through the internet. Instead of having face-to-face interaction or opting for traditional print platforms with a limited audience, you can harness the power of the World Wide Web and reach potential new business like you never have before.

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Types of Digital Marketing

Today, there are many different methods an internet marketing agency uses to spread your company’s message. Take a look at the following techniques we use that contribute to a successful digital marketing strategy:

Search Engine Optimization

A central facet of any digital marketing company’s path to success is the practice of search engine optimization (SEO). This method refers to incorporating keywords into your web pages in order to rank high on the first few pages in search engine results.

Good SEO focuses on keywords that are both product-specific as well as location-specific. The goal is to predict words that a potential customer would search for in an online search engine. Every search engine has a programmed algorithm that acts as an index, to quickly generate results based on word matching.

There are two forms of SEO that are given special attention:


Keywords and techniques that are incorporated within content directly on a website


Activity that occurs outside of your own website, such as backlinks, domain authority, and social media mentions

Facebook Ads

As the largest social media platform, there’s no question that advertising on Facebook is a huge benefit. The social media giant has amassed over 2 billion users and continues to grow. What better way to get your company noticed than directly on Facebook?

With Facebook ads, you can choose to have your ad visible to certain demographics defined by age, income, buying habits, location, and more. You can set your budget and optimize in real time, depending on performance.

Our internet marketing company provides you with an array of ad types such as:

  • Static images
  • Videos
  • Carousel

Google Ads

In a similar fashion, Google ads are pay-per-click ads that drive inorganic traffic to your website. Inorganic traffic refers to marketing efforts that are paid to reach an audience.

Google is the world’s largest search engine, which definitely bridges effective SEO and paid ads accordingly. It is recommended to narrow down an audience based on demographics that you cater to the most, in order to maximize your number of conversions.

An important detail an online marketing agency uses is the placement of the ads themselves. You, the client, with advice from our specialists can choose to maneuver ads placed on the sidebar, top of the page, mobile apps, news feeds, and more. Every ad has a specific budget in order to meet the demands of audiences discovering your company via search.

Social Media Marketing

If you are looking to create brand awareness and establish brand familiarity, social media marketing is the best method. To do so, we use an array of social media platforms to create beautiful, visual content for your audience. The most popular social media platforms today are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

As your digital marketing company, social media is very accessible to users through apps on a mobile device. Every platform has their stipulations when it comes to content creation. For instance, Instagram heavily relies on visual creative and high-quality images. This method would not be beneficial on Twitter, because the platform encourages sharing links and text more often than visuals.

With every image or video that is created, a company logo is essential to establishing brand familiarity, as well as relevant hashtags. A set color scheme or theme on your social media page will set you apart from the rest of the competition.

Content Marketing

Not only does an internet marketing firm emphasize the visual appeal, but the actual written content is key. Content marketing focuses on creating original, in-depth information to get users to understand what your goals are and describing each service or product you offer.

The most common form of content marketing is blogging. Many may believe that blogs are redundant; however, it provides your audience with valuable information about who your company is and what you have to offer.

The content must be creative and easy to read for a wide audience. This form of marketing is a great way to introduce SEO keywords and backlinks — links placed on other credible websites that direct back to your own website — directly into the content on a web page.

Email Marketing

Furthermore, a great email marketing campaign is essential for an internet marketing company. Today, people respond more to emails that are personalized with their name. Emails provide an exclusive form of communication between the company to the customer.

Email marketing is the practice of generating content for users through email accounts. It’s estimated that 50% of people check their inboxes as soon as they wake up in the morning. This is a crucial element that we pay attention to in order to maximize the best number of conversions possible.

To optimize your email marketing approach, specific layouts and text formatting is important. Also, generating the most attention-grabbing headline is critical. Choosing bright versus pastel colors is an important detail that determines the level of engagement within email campaigns.

Click Through Rate

Moreover, the click-through-rate (CTR) percentage is a good indicator for over or under-performing campaigns. The CTR is a number we pay special attention to because it tells us if the user not only clicked on the email but analyzes how far they have read within the content itself.

For instance, there can be a high open rate at 80% but a 20% CTR. Although people opened your email, it appears that only 20% of people cared to read the rest of the content. This is where our team comes in to generate creative headlines and content, to get you the level of success you need!


Lastly, your local internet marketing firm values communication between the company and the client. We recommend communicating with your audience through the comments section on social media pages. This not only solidifies the relationship between your customers, it lets them know that you really care about their thoughts and opinions.

In a day and age where communication is mostly digital, we want to keep your company invested with your audience and vice versa. Your transparency and attentiveness is key to piquing their interest and maintaining that interest over time.

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Do You Need an Online Marketing Agency?

We are committed to getting your company the best digital marketing strategy to transform your reach. Digital Resource is here to provide integral elements of a marketing campaign to lead your company to success and beyond. Our purpose is to offer comprehensive digital marketing services to get your business on the right track! Contact us today to learn more about how you can get started!