New Facebook Messenger Platform: Explained

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At their F8 2016 Conference on April 12, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new Facebook Messenger platform. While this innovative Facebook Messenger platform hopes to usher in a new age of social media and commerce, it has also been ushering in a wide-range of questions. Keep reading for answers to all of your Facebook Messenger questions!

what is the new facebook messenger platform


Why is there a new Facebook Messenger platform?

In his Keynote, Zuckerberg explained Facebook’s 10 Year Plan. This plan placed a heavy emphasis on “developing a family of apps to share anything they want with anyone.” Zuckerberg’s message revolved around global connectivity and bringing people together. This is why Facebook created the new Messenger platform. It will be the new modern and efficient way for businesses to communicate with their customers.

What is the new Facebook Messenger platform?

The new platform revolves around chatbots. A bot is simply a piece of software that automates simple tasks, like ordering food. Chatbots are a type of bot that live in messaging apps and use artificial intelligence to perform tasks via simulated conversation. The new Facebook Messenger platform allows all businesses to build these chatbots. Facebook Messenger bots will give businesses the opportunity to connect with customers in new and unique ways. Services range from subscription automation to customized communications to e-commerce purchases.what are the chatbots in facebook messenger?

How does the new Facebook Messenger platform effect my business?

Essentially, the new Facebook Messenger platform will fundamentally change the way businesses use social media. Social activity will no longer occur in public. Instead, followers will communicate with businesses privately through the bots. Once this new type of messaging takes over, it will create numerous new questions, challenges, and opportunities for businesses.

Of course, Facebook promises to make the transition to bots as painless as possible. Facebook mentioned that all businesses will gain access to documentation and best practices. This will help you create your own bots for Facebook Messenger. Directly within Messenger, the new platform is already prepared for users. It currently allows you to provide automated subscription content like weather and traffic updates, customized communications such as receipts and shipping notification, and even live automated messages.

Some major companies, such as Fandango, have already began using chatbots. Your business would be wise to follow. Facebook Messenger can already reach many consumers. Worldwide, the app already has more the 900 million monthly users. About 50 million businesses presently use Messenger for various purposes as well. All of this will make the transition to utilizing the bots simple. User and businesses are already in Messenger. They don’t even need to download a new many people use facebook messenger?

The new Facebook Messenger platform will open up an entirely new way for users to connect with businesses in ways they never imagined. Chatbots have the ability to completely change the way that businesses and customers utilize Facebook. It’s essential that your business stay on top of this emerging function. If you have any more questions about chatbots, Facebook, or social media in general – we can help! We’re South Florida social media experts that would love to help your business grow its digital presence. Get a FREE internet marketing analysis with no commitment today!

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