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For anyone who is new to using platforms like Instagram for their social media ad campaigns, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the trends and tricks you need to know if you want a more successful campaign. Here are a few things you need to know if you want to expand your online presence to include Instagram. Instagram can be a powerful addition to your social media campaign, so taking the time to master it is important.


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Hashtag Use

Get your business trending.

One of the single most important parts of any successful ad campaign over Instagram is the correct and best usage of hashtags. Hashtags are still the best way to direct search results toward your page. The more followers, likes, and overall engagement you have in your posts and on your page in general, the higher in the search results for a specific hashtag or keyword your page will be. Regularly doing research on which hashtags are trending and which ones are popular is a great way to maintain an edge and maximize your visibility on Instagram. Hashtags are the categorizing function on Instagram. Taking the time to use the best hashtags will only help you get more traffic. Harnessing the constant changes in trends can make your account gain followers at a steady pace with a chance at having a viral effect. While some hashtags are too unique to apply to your own operation, it can be helpful to find the things your operation has in common with different hashtags.



Get your posts to work for you.

Often overlooked are functions of any Instagram-based social media outreach campaign: the use of captioning in your photos to help people find what they are looking for when searching photo posts as opposed to pages themselves. Using keywords and hashtags in your captions will strengthen the SEO of your Instagram account and contribute to your search-ability in general, helping people to find you. Captions help direct the traffic surrounding your visual posts and direct that traffic to your main account, and then your other accounts across different platforms. Captions are a helpful way to complete the keyword profile of your account. This means that your account has the right keywords in the correct places so that your account is completely optimized. While captions might seem like an unimportant detail, they can actually significantly contribute to your overall rankings in searches.

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Back Links

Get other pages to link to yours.

Backlinks are an important means of getting attention for your various accounts by getting other sites to link to your pages and accounts. This will get search engines to recognize your information as trustworthy. Then, rank it higher up in related searches. The more backlinks you have across other platforms and within Instagram, the better your site will look o the search protocols used by Instagram. Negotiating with other businesses related to yours in some way is a great way to build partnerships. Always secure backlinks to your site and theirs, enriching both parties. Forming these partnerships can be time-consuming, however, if done correctly they can have a massive impact on your rankings and your perceived value as an authority in your area to consumers. Backlinks are the backbone of any rankings improvement. They should be an important part of your approach. Outside of Instagram, backlinks are also vital to your search results, so keep backlinks in mind when optimizing your main website in addition to your social media accounts.


Keyword Use

Say all the right things.

Keywords are incredibly important in your Instagram account just as they are in all of your other accounts and with your webpages in general. When using Instagram it is important to consider where you are placing your keywords. The most important places you can utilize keywords are in the bio, your account name, and in posts, along with keywords. By rotating your keyword use in general, and using your most important keywords in your account name and in your bio, you can maximize your visibility on Instagram and cultivate more followers over time. By placing the right keywords through your account, you can make sure that you are getting the most out of your optimization efforts. Always develop a better way to attract visitors to your page. Keywords in combination wit hashtags are the main way the users on Instagram will see your account, besides the posts themselves. Ideally, you want your account to come up when searching the product or service that you offer.


Link Accounts

Make it easier to find your pages.

Many people who are new to setting up ad campaigns over social media and who are new to social media platforms like Instagram, often forget to link their accounts to all of the other accounts. This creates a loop wherein all of your accounts are accessible form all the other ones. This makes it easier for visitors to view more content across more platforms, giving you more exposure. It is also important to consider other applications such as Google maps and review sites like yelp. In general, all of your accounts should be links to your main webpage. They all direct traffic to become leads and visitors to the main site. Turning your accounts into a siphon to your pages is vital. It should be as easy as possible to find all other accounts from any point in your online profile. Your main website should also feature links to all social media accounts.

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Search Engine Optimization


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