Dental Videos | How Can Video Marketing Help My Dental Practice?

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We have all seen our share of dental videos. But did you know that using and creating your own dental videos can help your dental practice? Videos have become one of the most powerful and effective tools in the world of online marketing. 78% of people watch videos online weekly. 55% of people watch videos daily. Individuals who view a video are 85% more likely to become a customer or patient than non-viewers. And businesses are taking notice. 69% of business professionals have used videos for marketing purposes. If other businesses are using industry specific videos to grow their customer base, why shouldn’t dentists? To help you get started, here are 3 effective ways your dental practice can use dental videos.

how many people watch dental videos

1) Office Tours – Dental Videos

Engaging videos of your office and staff provide the perfect opportunity to deliver a personal message about your practice. Office tour videos help demonstrate that your dental office is real and welcoming. This is essential for digital marketing. Highlight the lobby and where the patients will get treated so they know what to expect. Have the dentists and staff make introductions to really form that personal connection. Keep it unscripted and authentic. Engage in your own style and tone. You also should consider posting videos about any events your dental office might host. Your followers would love to watch. They might even want to join in on the fun.

Recommended Length: 60 seconds

2) Explain Treatments and Procedures – Dental Videos

Dental videos are a quick and effective way to educate current  and potential patients on various treatments and procedures. Studies show that 85% of learning is done visually. So it is important that you harness this visual power. You can direct viewers to your website and social media pages by using short video clips.  These clips can be about everything from common procedures to advanced treatments. They will reduce anxiety about the procedure and allow viewers to see the benefits.

Recommended Length: 30-60 seconds

 3) Patient Testimonials – Dental Videos

It’s well known that patient testimonials are one of the best ways your dental practice can build credibility. Put these patient testimonials in video form, and the benefits increase incredibly. Not only will they serve as a visual source of information, but they also have the ability to put potential patients at ease. As opposed to written testimonials, videos will allow your audience to visually see the results. They can also see how genuine the person is giving it. Viewers will feel comfortable coming to your dental office or reaching out directly for more information.

Recommended Length: ~30 seconds

benefits of dental videos

Video enables dentists to reap countless benefits. Dental videos increase online visibility, highlights your services, reduces patients’ fear, showcases your practice, and increases Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s essential that your dental practice starts using dental videos. If you have any further questions about dental videos and video marketing, please contact us! We are an internet marketing agency in West Palm Beach that would love to help your practice grow! Connect with us online or call (561) 429-2585 today!

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